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Thanks for viewing my work.  I hope you enjoy it, as it represents me, and my view of the world in many ways.  

I am not a traditional business model photographer.  I toyed with the gendre for several years in Highschool back in Quebec City, Canada, and a little in my mid 20's in Montreal.  A quarter century later I returned to the camera, but in a different way.  I have old school training, new tech history, a half century of seeing the world in all its splendor, and I am still amazed by the photos I have not yet taken.

Under the right circumstances, I can provide an fresh update to traditional photography, and its expectation that art can be fit into a set of rules like a science.  Traditional poses and scenes often leave me wanting more. 

I offer alternatives to what has been done since the beginning of the art form, in a hopes that more of me is left with you.

On this site are examples of my work in architecture, Street Automotive, Event Coverage, Photojournalism, Sports, and Street shooting.  Some of the above is still building.

Lastly, what you will see is photography, not graphic art.  I play with light, not reality.  Rarely will I ever include in an image something that was not in the image when captured.  I may at times remove something, but creating a montage or composite is to me something other than photography.  In general, the only changes I will have made to an image is overall framing, possible removal of clutter (stray wires on a back wall, a garbage bin that removes from the image....) and light optimization.  (Full disclosure, I will also tone map at times as an editorial or artistic statement)


Most images on this site are available for sale or license.  What you see is only a fraction of my work, if you are looking for something specific and in my work you see the mood, or style you want, please let me know.  I am alway available for commissioned captures, as well as collaborations. 

If the use case you would consider is not listed, please contact me about possibilities.



Randy Boback

Quincy MA