More than Visual, I look for images that are Visceral   

My formative years had me spending large amounts of time with various artists and photographers.  It was inevitable that they would provide me with various pieces of advice, and most that know me would expect I would either totally ignore them, or become obsessed by them.

The ones I eventually obsessed over were:
1.) It is impossible to properly convey the image in front of you if you do not understand it.
2.) Nothing captures attention better than emotion.  
3.) Photos are answers to questions.  If your answer is like all the others why bother.
4.) Art is subjective, otherwise how do you explain dogs playing poker, or Yoko Ono
5.) There is only one type of photography, and that is portraiture.

This last point is the most important! Breaking down the French word for Portrait you get "Porte Trait" or to carry the traits of the subject.  The reality is that if a photo does not properly carry the subjects traits at least the traits that the photographer wants to bring out, to the viewer, then it does not make the cut.

when I compose an image, be it an action shot at a sports event, or the candid face of the player that made the play vs the face of the opponent, or the face of a child playing in the fountains on the Greenway in Boston, a classic car I saw as I was stopped for gas, folks watching a parade, the images of people trying to escape from a natural, or man made disaster, I always do my best to show not just their actions but how they feel at the time, capturing their inner feelings and portraying them to the viewer with the hope that it strikes on of their emotions also.

I am open to many forms of photography, but currently I find myself in the envyable position of being able to select jobs that interest me.  That said, mobility in the time of Covid also means that I like to explore, and while I mostly work with Personal/Editorial/and environmental Portraiture, sports from Curling to Hockey or Football, MMA, Dance and more, as well as events be they sporting events to charity, community, corporate, or other.

I am also looking to expand some of my sports team shots into the associated Senior High Portraits.  I work both traditionally or using composite techniques to generate end results that are unique to you as a student and how you want your classmates to remember you as time moves on.  (See samples of composite work here)  This is also a great way to do sports teams because each and every player is photographed separately, s head shot, 1/2 to 3/4 body shot, and a full body shot preferably in their sports apparel.  Because the photo is assembled after the shoot

I also do special shoots on request, such as engagement, boudoir, christmas cards, annual family gatherings, and promotional shots for actors, authors, athletes and more. 

For more specific information on what types of shoots I can provide, please refer to the services page

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