A Cut Above
David is a glass blower in Montreal who I have worked with many times
Game of Honor
Curling, To some its throwing stones on ice, to others it is a battle of skill and strategy where the most important skill is playing fair, and honorably
Pandemic Boston
Mid pandemic shots of South Street Diner, and a few other locations around the greater Boston area
Durti Nelly
One of the oldest bars in North America and at the top of almost every Dive Bar list ever made, it remains however just a bar (with attitude)
Studio Shots
A multi themed shoot with Model Zeal and a lot of music
They call it "Street
Bostons North End, part of a St. Anthony Festival shoot.
Escaping Reality
You always expect a scene like this is somewhere else. This one was three blocks from my home.
Right to bare arms
While the Parkland FL. students prepare to march on Boston Common, guess who shows up in front of the state house.
Give a little bit
Both myself and my wife Jen regularly volunteer time to charities, especially no kill animal shelters, and medical help for kids
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