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Pigments of My Imagination

June 01, 2018

If you are reading this, I apparently figured out how to publish my blog.  It sounds like it should be easy, and in truth it is.  After all I made a career out of being an IT specialist, I have worked for governments, hospitals, banks, manufacturers, hardware companies, I have been recognized as one of the top people anywhere in several now defunct products, and I still write code in the Latin of the computer programming industry.  Thats right, COBOL!  In COBOLS defense however I actually use it as a 4GL in order to generate Java code.  (If that is meaningless to you, don't feel bad, it means you did not suffer as the rest of us in IT did over the years.)

 Since I cannot be trusted with power tools (call it the "TimTheToolman" effect) and since I can be trusted with a PC, I started thinking about photography (again)  I had been heavily into photography first in high school Frank Scardina showed me darkroom skills while Theo Ted Lagloire, a close friend who passed away recently showed me what I can now proudly call my "Old School" photo tricks, like reversing a wide angle lense and taping it to the camera body makes an incredible macro with a depth of field so shallow its like taking pictures for an MRI.  He also taught me the fast focus technique for sports.  If you need to use manual focus, and need it set so always have a lot in focus, just make certain you are more than about 50 feet from the subject, set the fstop to about 8 or more, and then turn the focus ring to infinity, and then back a bit. Call it general inclusive mode and it works well in the right conditions.

At that time I was also building simple websites for ecommerce, and learning that websites were not a programmers domain, it was all about typesetting and understanding what pleases the eye.  I needed help, and turned to my wife Jen.  She grew up with a professional artist in the house, and even took graphic arts in College until she changed to an alternate path.  Jen kinda got my good eye unstuck a bit, taught me about contrast and color, the rule of thirds, the golden rule, and much more.  More importantly she was an avid picture taker and she demonstrated muc of what we discussed by looking at pictures taken for a particular purpose.  That gave way to me getting her a DSLR of her own, a Canon Rebel T2i



That used to be IT, programming, building systems, making something from virtually nothing (but data and instructions).  Now, 35 years after I started, I started to feel that I needed to find a venue of self expression that was a little more visibly creative.  So Jen suggested that we take a fall workshop in photography.  After all we both had decent DSLR cameras, and had been taking a fair bit of photos that we thought were occasionally not too bad. (We honestly thought that at the time).

So in no time at all we were sitting in a class with 5 others and the workshop leader Fran.  Over the next 10 weeks, we spent 6 hours each Saturday learning more about our cameras, and about the art of photography.  We met Weegee, the photographer that was the inspiration for Joe Pescie 

No the issue with the blog was not technical it was simply a constant case of overthinking.  I first went about generating a website for myself almost 10 years ago, and I was totally disappointed by the result.  No one else was, but I was expecting so much more, so I left it to languish and become a deleted set of files at the end of an expired domain name.  Since then I have started building a website no less than 25 times I expect.  and I finished building a site let me thing... NEVER.  Why?  because there was always something that was not the way I had to have it.  And again it came very close to happening again, except this time I could not find an excuse.